Thursday, 31 October 2013

In the beginning ... في البداية

Image by Hossam all line (@Flickr); distributed on a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

... some words about this blog:

It is not intended to be a systematic review of books (although I hope to write regularly about new, and noteworthy publications from/ about Egypt).

It's not meant to be a guide to bookstores in Egypt (but will include my personal reflections on bookstores that I know, and could therefore morph into something that can be used as a guide - albeit a very ideosyncratic one).

Finally, it's not a biographical dictionary (even though I would like to write about the people who have devoted their lives to producing, selling, and preserving books in Egypt). 

So ... what I want to do is plant a seed that will grow into a celebration of book culture in Egypt, and have conceived of this effort as a collaborative one: If you have something that you would like to share, please do. Contributions in all languages are most welcome.


Mark Muehlhaeusler

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